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Fiber cement siding is siding for commercial and residential applications. Fiber cement is a composite material made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers.
hardiplankIn appearance fiber cement siding most often consists of overlapping horizontal boards, imitating wooden siding, clapboard and imitation shingles. Fiber cement siding is also manufactured in a sheet form and is used not only as cladding but is also commonly used as a soffit / eave lining and as a tile underlay on decks and in bathrooms. Fiber cement siding is not only used as an exterior siding, it can also be utilized as a substitute for timber fascias and bargeboards in high fire areas.
HardiPlankModelHouseThermal resistance and sound transmission vary greatly between fiber cement products. Fiber cement sheet products rate poorly in thermal resistance and sound transmission and separate wall insulation is highly recommended.
Generally the thicker and denser the product the better resistance it will have to temperature and sound transmission.
The external cladding products require very little maintenance once installed and painted. The thicker/denser fiber cement products have excellent impact resistance but the thinner less dense products need to be protected from impact. Compared to wooden siding, fiber cement is not susceptible to termites or rot.
Fire Resistance
Fiber cement siding is a non combustible material, and therefore highly resistant to fire damage. .

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